Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"How was your day?"...

is a question, I think, that matters a lot more than it seems.

I am SO grateful I have a job that matters; that, as tired and stressed as I can become, the adrenalin-producing, hypertension inducing, life shortening way in which I chose to spend the majority of the waking hours of my day is focused on others and not on self.

I was finishing the last note of the day - or so I thought -when a volunteer at the front desk brought him around.

"Excuse me... but this child walked in and said he needed to talk to someone. He said he was going to be killed by his mother".

3 hours - and multiple gut wrenching stories later, with him safely placed in alternative care and police looking for his mother and his infant brother - I was able to head home; secure in the knowledge that, for at least one evening, I made a child's life safer; that I had perhaps even saved his life - from the mental illness, savagery and demons tormenting his caregiver.

Is that how I planned to spend my time that night?
Hell no...

But I've learned to love reminders that I'm not in charge!

How do you spend your days?

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