Tuesday, March 20, 2018


new life emerges 
and hope returns.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday miscellany

Trying to clear the decks before going on a trip to new territory;
an uncharted region of the country - 
at least for me.

Before I go, 
my camera and I have been 
soaking in the quietness of early mornings
which give way to glory;
spending time with the boy,
 who hasn't been feeling well
but is a delight, nonetheless;
figuring out who's pulling my strings,
 even if the 'why' isn't so obvious;

planning the next Mission trip
which will be here before you know it;
 helping a friend celebrate a milestone birthday
even if it did involve a costume party -
which I usually don't do - 
unless it's as easy as grabbing a pair of glasses out of my drawer;
playing with vintage images
and adding sunshine to the rooms
which suddenly turn into a Flemish painting as the day wans.
Life has been full, busy and, for the most part, satisfying.

I'll keep working on the parts that aren't.
'Beginnings' are all around me,
and that's encouragement enough;
even if the unexpected can catch you unaware.
I'll keep trying to find beauty in all things.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

How the other half lives

Ireland wasn't just all charming cottages and thatched roofs;
 it's simply that I know, in my heart, that's where my people lived.
I am NOT to the manor born.

Others were however
so we thought we'd get a peek at that style of life as well.

We visited Kylemore Abbey,
 the Castle at Kilkenny,
and Powers Court.

 with the expected portraits of ancient virtuous ancestors.
So imagine my surprise to find 
hidden away in a corner
portraits of two women who might not have fit easily into 
the historical and personal narrative 
in which they found themselves.

 I wish the docents had known more about who these women were;
I'm sure their stories would have been fascinating.

I will say the gardens at Powerscourt are enviable.
I might not want a household full of servants to manage,
but a retinue of gardeners,
so I'm not the one schlepping the mulch,
would be fabulous.

 There was also a sweet cemetery for the family pets
in the back of the forest garden.
How much Jack, Fritzy, Morgan and Ophelia 
would have loved the setting.

Lovely and very stately;
just not any place where I'd feel 'at home'.
 I could be happy with far less.