Monday, June 26, 2017

Another reality check from the universe

I would have sworn I had gotten the message by now.

I didn't think the universe would need to keep reminding me 
that I'm not in control.

Apparently karma thought I needed more reminders.

I used to think it was hard being a single parent of two young boys.
I don't know why I used the past tense -
it WAS hard being a single parent of two young boys.
 What I didn't fully appreciate  -
and couldn't fully comprehend until I got here -
is how hard it can be
to be the single parent of two adult men -
and to see them struggle with life choices;
those that occur randomly through forces over which they have no control
and those that are consequences of choices they made.

At least when they're young,
there's the illusion of control;
the feeling - however delusional - 
that you can modify circumstances to mitigate the harm.

With fully functional and independent adults,
after you've offered your thoughts and observations -
IF and when asked -
there's nothing to do but step back and watch it unfold.

THAT, my friends, is infinitely harder.

I'm holding on -
waiting for the amazing
and ordinary

Monday, June 12, 2017

A full week

of physical labor
under the intense South Dakota sun.
By far, 
my favorite part was planting indigenous plants -
cranberries, golden currants, chokecherries and juneberries -
along the Little White River;
 a beautiful river that wends its way through the reservation.
 I also gained a whole new appreciation 
for the work of my mulch man!

I'm used to spreading mulch -
but not making it,
 hauling it,
unloading it
and THEN spreading it!
Important life lesson learned:
don't use the chipper when its been raining;
the wet pulp will create a huge mess that's guaranteed to gum up the blades!
No one 'missions' alone -
and my companions made the week fly by
 in our luxury accommodations!
 Try not to be too jealous!
Anything is bearable for a few days/nights though, right?

Doing wash, getting caught up on mail, and getting back to work -
will be back in the swing of things before I know it!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Reset button

For the next week or so, I'll be blogging here:

Come join me if you're so inclined - 
if not, 
I'll catch you later.

It's gonna be hard to leave these guys behind

 but they promised he won't grow while I'm gone!
 Call me skeptical.

Despite missing them,
I'm ready for a road trip to, literally, greener pastures.