Monday, June 12, 2017

A full week

of physical labor
under the intense South Dakota sun.
By far, 
my favorite part was planting indigenous plants -
cranberries, golden currants, chokecherries and juneberries -
along the Little White River;
 a beautiful river that wends its way through the reservation.
 I also gained a whole new appreciation 
for the work of my mulch man!

I'm used to spreading mulch -
but not making it,
 hauling it,
unloading it
and THEN spreading it!
Important life lesson learned:
don't use the chipper when its been raining;
the wet pulp will create a huge mess that's guaranteed to gum up the blades!
No one 'missions' alone -
and my companions made the week fly by
 in our luxury accommodations!
 Try not to be too jealous!
Anything is bearable for a few days/nights though, right?

Doing wash, getting caught up on mail, and getting back to work -
will be back in the swing of things before I know it!

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