Monday, January 27, 2014

The best part of winter?

Snow angels...

 discovering the fun of sticking your tongue out

 and doing all kinds of new 'gymnastics'!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

When is the moon not a moon?

When its a Himalayan Salt lamp!

As you know,
I LOVE the moon -
 Seen here from my back deck

in Iona, Scotland

and on the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota.

So, when I saw this lamp 
on my recent visit to KC,
it was love at first sight!

Owning your own moon - 
highly recommended!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

An easy question to answer

What the f**k did I do?

As most of the world knows by now 
(since it was breaking news of such import 
that TV stations felt compelled to interrupt 
regularly scheduled programming to tell us)
Justin Bieber was arrested recently in Florida 
for speeding, 
driving under the influence
(of alcohol, marijuana and medication 
prescribed for someone else, not him), 
resisting arrest 
and driving without a valid license.
The question above is reportedly the first thing he said to police 
when he rolled down the window of his yellow Lamborghini.

Here’s the answer, pal.
You assumed that because you’re rich, 
you can do anything you want – 
without any repercussions. 

You assumed that the world is your plaything 
and, if you hit or killed one of the ‘little people’ 
with whom you share the planet, 
it won’t matter very much 
because you’re the Biebs 
and you’re clearly more important than they are; 
more important than the law for that matter.

You assumed that your people, 
the sycophants who glom onto you
for a taste of your money 
and reflected fame, 
will cover for you 
and get you out of this latest mess 
like they’ve gotten you out of all the ones before. 

You assumed that any press, 
even bad press, 
is better than no press at all 
and your ‘persecution’ by the Miami police 
will only make your brainless, adoring fans 
spring to your defense 
and love you all the more. 

You assumed that because you’ve lived for 19 years
and made a ton of money by singing, 
you’ve arrived at adulthood - 
without any concept 
of what responsibility, 
true maturity 
or being a grownup is all about.

I don’t know what makes me sicker; 
the fact that you don’t have a clue 
or that, for the most part,
 you’ll probably be right,

That’s the difference between the rich and the rest of us.
Heaven knows I’d be the last person to cast aspersions on those who drive fast.
While my transgressions have NEVER been conducted
under the influence, 
of anything other than life,
my lead foot and I have had the pleasure
of meeting law enforcement agents 
from around the country.

And I’ve NEVER been ticketed as a result 
or had to endure jumpsuit orange.

The first words out of my mouth, however, are usually 
“Hi Officer, how are you today”?

We all come to our own understanding 
of what being a grownup looks, feels and acts like 
by different routes.

The fact that your latest tattoo is a compass
shows me that, 
on some basic level, 
you realize how lost you are. 

You, young man, need a mother
very, very badly.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I see your true colors

Aura envy...
never thought I'd be inflicted with this sad condition,
but my competitive side 
was in full force this weekend.

My son, niece and I decided to have our auras photographed this weekend.

My son is a veteran,
so he pretty much knew what to expect.

Ellen and I were newbies -
but we had hopes - 
despite Art Boy telling us that there is no hierarchy of colors;
no chakra superior to others.

But us girls, 
still thinking in terms of Western 'rankings', 
knew better;
 we definitely wanted to have certain auras.

I envisioned myself as a purple or blue with tinges of white.
Ellen saw herself as indigo blue.

Yeah, not so much.

(From left to right - 
Niece, son, me)

Their auras are their stories to tell - 
but, can I just say, 
they seem to represent both of them 
to perfection.
(And, yes, that seems to be a figure standing with my son,
someone who literally 'has his back';
comfort indeed to a boy who lost his dad when he was 10!)

My 'reading' - and aura- 
was a surprise - 
but also spot on.

I was told that my aura represents 
a burst of creativity and new beginnings 
that's consuming and almost overwhelming.
A time of creativity, 
involving stamina, vigor, excitement 
and being courageous.

And, while you can't see it as well with the scanned image,
there's also a subtle streak of green in the center
indicating that there is a time of healing beginning to emerge.

There's also a distinct but subtle white obelisk in the lower left corner.
We couldn't decide if that's the BVM 
(since it resembles the image that emerged on my deck lamp panel)
or a tower or monument I need to be looking for on the Camino
that could be significant.

Time will tell!

What fun!

Monday, January 20, 2014

A long weekend -

but one filled with lots of 

There was a visit to an amazing city
where the parking lot garage for the public library 
knocks me out every time I see it!

There was plenty of

both my sons

and his friends.

There was a walk in the warm midwinter sun
and laughter and tears
between people who love and trust each other.

It was a spectacular weekend visit with the boy
and, as always,
lots to inspire.
even during a smoothie stop!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Do I think it was worth dying over? 
But is there honestly an adult alive 
who hasn’t experienced the frustration 
and anger 
at paying an exorbitant amount of money 
to sit in the dark  
and watch a movie -
only to have some idiot 
in the next seat or row 
talking or texting, 
lighting up the whole vicinity 
with their damn cell phone?

I’m talking of course about the murder of a movie goer in Florida 
by a 71 yr old retired cop 
because the guy was texting his daughter 
during the previews at a matinee.

A few finer points here – 
besides the obvious, “Grampa, get a grip!”

Did we really expect this wouldn’t happen 
when we allow the rights of gun owners 
to trump common sense in this country?

As annoying, though, as the guys transgression was, 
it’s certainly not worth the spilling of blood – 
especially during a preview, for Petes sake. 

 Hell, it’s not even worth the popcorn throwing 
that apparently preceded the shooting!
You all know what popcorn costs these days – 
would you waste it on some clown with a neon cell? 
Hell to the NO; 
I’d go complain to a manager and let HIM deal with it!

Sadly, reports indicate that the pissed off cop DID go to make a report to the manager -
and was then taunted by the guy on the cell phone
 upon his return to his seat.

 Again, really? 
Like that's gonna help defuse the situation.

Somehow, for me, 
the worst part of the lunacy is that the guy was texting - 
his 3 yr old daughter… 

Do kids today really need their parents SO damn much 
that a parent can’t sit through the beginning of a movie 
without being tethered to them by technology? 

Anybody else remember the days when you got a babysitter, 
left the house and had no idea 
what was going on in your home 
or your kids psyche –
for hours at a time –

 and everything was just fine!?

Not that stupidity 
and being a helicopter parent 
should carry a death sentence 
but, come on – 
its not like the guy was being informed 
there was finally a kidney transplant available for him!

What a stupid, senseless tragedy.

If only this was a cultural 
aberration - 
which we all know it isn’t.

Another Season

as imagined by wonderful artists
at a recent Peninsula Art Institute exhibit.

Makes me want to get out the watercolors and be creative!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014