Monday, January 6, 2014

Be careful what you wish for...

Did I really say,
just 1 week ago,
that I was going 'Up North' to 'enjoy' the snow?

Don't get me wrong.
I did!
There were glorious sunrises.

Cross country skiing
and walks in the woods.
(In sub-zero weather I might add;
my people are nuts!)

Walks along the lakeshore
on surfaces as alien as moonscape,
but perhaps less stable.

But there was also
a hideous drive back in a blizzard -
normally a 9 hour trip,
which is bad enough -
but add whiteout conditions
from blowing snow,
60 mph wind gusts,
no plows,
an endless game of
"where's my lane?"

and sitting parked on a highway
for 2+ hours,
in total isolation;
8 miles from the nearest exit,
surrounded by other stranded motorists
with NO idea why we were sitting there
and I honestly thought
this might be the last picture I'd ever take.

Absolutely terrifying!

The last 50 miles home
took 2 hours -
and I was never more glad
to pull into my driveway -
even if it took me two tries
and I got stuck 1/3 of the way in!

I'm home;
the dogs have been retrieved from the kennel
and I have all day tomorrow
to de-Christmas the house.

There will be more WI pictures,
but for now,
just wanted to say
I'm back.

Hope you all had a wonderful start to your New Year!

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