Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Do I think it was worth dying over? 
But is there honestly an adult alive 
who hasn’t experienced the frustration 
and anger 
at paying an exorbitant amount of money 
to sit in the dark  
and watch a movie -
only to have some idiot 
in the next seat or row 
talking or texting, 
lighting up the whole vicinity 
with their damn cell phone?

I’m talking of course about the murder of a movie goer in Florida 
by a 71 yr old retired cop 
because the guy was texting his daughter 
during the previews at a matinee.

A few finer points here – 
besides the obvious, “Grampa, get a grip!”

Did we really expect this wouldn’t happen 
when we allow the rights of gun owners 
to trump common sense in this country?

As annoying, though, as the guys transgression was, 
it’s certainly not worth the spilling of blood – 
especially during a preview, for Petes sake. 

 Hell, it’s not even worth the popcorn throwing 
that apparently preceded the shooting!
You all know what popcorn costs these days – 
would you waste it on some clown with a neon cell? 
Hell to the NO; 
I’d go complain to a manager and let HIM deal with it!

Sadly, reports indicate that the pissed off cop DID go to make a report to the manager -
and was then taunted by the guy on the cell phone
 upon his return to his seat.

 Again, really? 
Like that's gonna help defuse the situation.

Somehow, for me, 
the worst part of the lunacy is that the guy was texting - 
his 3 yr old daughter… 

Do kids today really need their parents SO damn much 
that a parent can’t sit through the beginning of a movie 
without being tethered to them by technology? 

Anybody else remember the days when you got a babysitter, 
left the house and had no idea 
what was going on in your home 
or your kids psyche –
for hours at a time –

 and everything was just fine!?

Not that stupidity 
and being a helicopter parent 
should carry a death sentence 
but, come on – 
its not like the guy was being informed 
there was finally a kidney transplant available for him!

What a stupid, senseless tragedy.

If only this was a cultural 
aberration - 
which we all know it isn’t.

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