Saturday, January 11, 2014

62 Days to go...

I've tried not to rant about work for awhile now.

After all, it will be over soon.
Surely I can suck it up 
and get through the remaining days
without turing into a raving loon.

you people who are going through a divorce,
dragging your kids into the drama of all your messes,
bringing them to the hospital 
for every bruise, scratch and viral illness 
which they 'picked up' 
at their noncustodial parents house
and expecting us to "Hotline" the other parent,
are really getting on my last nerve!
Kids get marks in the normal course of the day;
siblings, even half siblings, sometime hit each other- 
(shocker, I know)
and colds and the flu 'happen' - 
it doesn't make it abuse or neglect!

Listen up, people - 
get yourselves some therapy!
And, next time,
be more discrete about who you make a baby with!

Deep cleansing breath...
and another....

62 days,
62 days...

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