Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It was more fun as a kid...

when witches,

black cats crossing my path

and ghosts were the primary things we worried about.

I'm old enough now to know about

forces over which we have no control

and the reality of evil.

And it's memories of child abuse fatalities that haunt my nights.

God, life can be scary!

Guess that's why we need reminders...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sad irony

Images coming in from the East coast have been breaking my heart all day.

the same pier, in the background, just 2 months ago...

What a hit the Jersey shore has taken - and the 'Jersey girl' in me mourns - even if my 'transplant' to the Midwest over 30 years ago has been vastly successful.

You never really get the Jersey sand out of your hair; am I right?

On the day the hurricane was wrecking havoc, I got a book in the mail I made for my 'kids'  as a surprise Christmas present chronicling our time in Beach Haven this year.

Please keep all the folks in my home state in your prayers.

What they're dealing with now makes the boardwalk loss in Beach Haven my grandparents documented in the 1940's Hurricane look tame by comparison.

And, while I know the candidates don't want to politize this event, I can't help but be worried about how this will change the election... there's NO way polling places, voting machines and people displaced from their precincts will be voting in less than 1 week!

Jersey-ites are uppity - there's also no way they're gonna like being disenfranchised and not having their votes count!
Interesting times, my friends.

And, every time today I got frustrated with a client situation (and, yes, parents in a mobile meth lab endangering their children, I'm talking about your sorry asses!), I took comfort in NOT being in an ER in the NY/NJ metro area!

I was, at least, dry with clean water, power, government offices open and first line responders who hadn't been up for 3 straight shifts!

Wonder if people back east have any clue how many people are praying for them - and waiting to do what needs to be done to get them back up on their feet!

This vintage post card seemed all too apropos today!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday, monday...

It felt surreal all day to look out the windows in the ER and see gorgeous sun, knowing that the East Coast and so many places and people I love are dealing with Hurricane Sandy.

Anyone raised on the ocean has an appreciation for the power and strength of the sea...
even on the best of days...

praying that everyone rides this storm out safely
 (whether it's called a Nor'Easter, hurricane or Tropical Storm!)

The contrast in the middle of the country couldn't be greater... with daises making a brave last stand in glorious sun amidst the leaves

and a puppy getting bigger every day.

'Oreo' comes home in two weeks - and I can't wait!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vintage Sunday

While I wait for my medicine to kick in and make me feel semi-human again, 
I thought I'd go with some vintage images of couples...

I don't know about you but, 
when I'm sick,
 that's when I feel my 'singleness' most ...
 there are still bills to be paid, 
dogs to be walked, 
prescriptions to be picked up, 
clothes to be washed, 
dusting to be done... 
and I'm still IT!

Yes, I could ask my son... 
but he has his own life to live...

I just miss the loving presence 
of someone who has my back

I don't mean to complain ...
I know exactly how lucky I am

I also know it's a fools game 
to compare someone else's 'outside' reality 
with my inside reality.

Sometimes, looking at images from the past induces a certain wistfulness.
I admit to a special fondness 
for pictures of couples who appear to have run the race together

and come out as friends.

It gives me hope...
and the world can certainly use more of THAT!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend plans

may have just been knocked out by an Influenza B induced sinus infection... 
which pisses me off since I got the damn flu shot required by the hospital!

I was sent home sick yesterday and hoped that couch sleeping while under the influence of OTC medicine would knock it out... no such luck.

But I refuse to miss the last weekend in October by sitting in the house.
While I won't risk exposing friends to the flu by going to parties tonight
I WILL be taking my camera
and having some solo outdoor time... 

at least until I get too tired to stand
or too stuffed up to breathe!

HAVE to get better this week since I have a road trip scheduled 
next weekend to see family 'Up North' -
in Michigan!

THIS vintage book cracks me up!
Anyone else think "Mom" looks slutty? Is that why she's in the back seat??
Is this single Dad, taking his two smiling darlings (clearly not safety belted in) to spend the weekend with his mistress??
What WERE Rand and/or McNally thinking when they commissioned the illustration for this one?

Have fun pondering this as you drive around running errands this morning... and you know you will!
You're welcome.