Wednesday, March 15, 2017


When the day finally arrived, it was, frankly, an uncomplicated decision.
 #Idesoftrump and whether to participate or not had been weighing on my mind.

As I suspected he might, 
#45 made the decision easy with his behavior.

His cavalier dismissal of the healthcare concerns for MILLIONS of American citizens 
(in his poorly executed and hastily rolled out “Trumpdon’t care” health bill); 

his paranoia (and unfiltered expressions of it) 
in tweeted claims of wiretapping by the previous Administration 
and microwaves being used to spy on him; 
 his disdain for the earth and its dwindling resources 
at the expense of corporate greed and enriching his friends in the 1%; 

his refusal to participate in the job responsibilities of his office 
as a fully functioning adult; 

his excessive travel expenses so he can live the life of a retired millionaire 
and golf weekly at his country club 
while his wife and youngest son live a completely separate life – 
also on the taxpayers dollar - 
while his adult children run around the world like tiny despots 
(and quasi-co-rulers) building their commercial enterprises – 
also as the expense of hardworking men and women of this country… 

it’s truly all beyond the pale.

There are truths that need to be spoken; 
things that need to be expressed 
in order to maintain any semblance of personal integrity 
in the face of this morally corrupt,
ethically impaired
As I dropped my half dozen postcards into the mailbox this morning, 
I had no illusions that #45 will ever see them firsthand.

But postal workers will, 
staffers vetting them will, 
staffers in the White House mail room will … 
and they will tell others what they saw.

My postcards joined thousands of other pieces of paper, 
creating a tide that will begin to smash through the wall of this Administrations fa├žade -
a facade comprised of lies -
 of public acceptance, approval and support of their policies.

Millions of us won’t be silenced; 
millions of us won’t stand by spinelessly 
while the Republican anarchists destroy our country.

As humorous and small a gesture as sending a postcard seems to be, 
one small postcard will join with others 
and speak to something larger and louder – 
that won’t be ignored.

It was a good day.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

You be trippin'...

down Memory Lane that is.

Have you ever had a friend that felt like a sister from another mother -
only to lose track of her for decades,
reconnect again 
(thank you Facebook)
and feel like no time had passed at all?
Me too!
And she's coming to stay with me this weekend!
She is one of the few friends with whom I still stay in touch 
who knew me before I dated my husband, 
or got married 
and became who I am today.

Do you believe how poor the quality of the pictures used to be?
They're as fuzzy as some of my memories.

There's a lot of water under our bridges -
collectively and individually - 
but we'll cross them all this weekend!

And, while spring has been too early 
but gorgeous

wouldn't you know that snow is predicted!
Luckily, she's from Wisconsin; 
I think she can deal with snow.

She's also an experienced grandma, so babysitting overnight for this one
won't phase her at all.

Don't worry;
she's already been vetted 
and shares the same political views I do!
We'll be doing a lot of kevtching;
there will be margaritas involved!

Can't wait!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lent: take 2

It took 3 days.

And then my great nieces had birthdays 

 and then a friend out of town had a baby and posted pictures
and then an article was written about the clinic I coordinate
and then my grandson turned 4 months and his mom posted darling pics
Well, you get the idea, right?

So far, giving up Facebook for Lent has been an epic fail!

But since I've had to attend church workshops
two Saturdays in a row, 
I'm inclined to think I might be forgiven.
I'm not sure I'll go back and try to continue either.
It's odd, and somewhat disconcerting,
to realize how much of my news I get from articles posted by friends.

Funny how scaling back and getting news directly from primary sources
seems alot more complicated than just picking and choosing specific items to read
as they go scrolling past.

I'm doing a lot of reading about spiritual practices 
since I've been asked to do a presentation on which ones have worked for me -
maybe the preparation will have to count as my Lenten discipline this year.

Who was it that said "We teach what we need to learn"?

Heaven knows there are enough things to beat myself up about,
I'm not going to be adding to the pile!
Moving on ...