Thursday, March 9, 2017

You be trippin'...

down Memory Lane that is.

Have you ever had a friend that felt like a sister from another mother -
only to lose track of her for decades,
reconnect again 
(thank you Facebook)
and feel like no time had passed at all?
Me too!
And she's coming to stay with me this weekend!
She is one of the few friends with whom I still stay in touch 
who knew me before I dated my husband, 
or got married 
and became who I am today.

Do you believe how poor the quality of the pictures used to be?
They're as fuzzy as some of my memories.

There's a lot of water under our bridges -
collectively and individually - 
but we'll cross them all this weekend!

And, while spring has been too early 
but gorgeous

wouldn't you know that snow is predicted!
Luckily, she's from Wisconsin; 
I think she can deal with snow.

She's also an experienced grandma, so babysitting overnight for this one
won't phase her at all.

Don't worry;
she's already been vetted 
and shares the same political views I do!
We'll be doing a lot of kevtching;
there will be margaritas involved!

Can't wait!

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