Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lent: take 2

It took 3 days.

And then my great nieces had birthdays 

 and then a friend out of town had a baby and posted pictures
and then an article was written about the clinic I coordinate
and then my grandson turned 4 months and his mom posted darling pics
Well, you get the idea, right?

So far, giving up Facebook for Lent has been an epic fail!

But since I've had to attend church workshops
two Saturdays in a row, 
I'm inclined to think I might be forgiven.
I'm not sure I'll go back and try to continue either.
It's odd, and somewhat disconcerting,
to realize how much of my news I get from articles posted by friends.

Funny how scaling back and getting news directly from primary sources
seems alot more complicated than just picking and choosing specific items to read
as they go scrolling past.

I'm doing a lot of reading about spiritual practices 
since I've been asked to do a presentation on which ones have worked for me -
maybe the preparation will have to count as my Lenten discipline this year.

Who was it that said "We teach what we need to learn"?

Heaven knows there are enough things to beat myself up about,
I'm not going to be adding to the pile!
Moving on ...

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