Friday, December 15, 2017

It's Christmas time

and we were not made for this world.

The lights are twinkly and the cheese balls delish,
but those things can't complete us, perfect us,
or transform us into people with lives that never bend at odd angles.

We're homesick.
We know a shoddy replacement when we see one.

Maybe fudge balls and mistletoe are not high on your priority list
and you feel a little lost in the glare.
Well, Christmas belongs to you too.

Are you lonely today?
Missing someone you love?
Did you wake up to the throbbing reminder that life is just as messy today
as it was yesterday?
Emmanuel came. 
He came to walk in your sorrow and in mine.
He came to see it for Himself, to touch it, to redeem it and call it beautiful.
He came to be with us, 
and he came to stick around for the long haul.

Shannon Martin

These words are not mine (although I wish they were).
They are, however the words I needed to hear.
No one loves the trappings of this season more than I do
but underneath the tinsel and light bokeh
grief and loss throb  
refusing to be ignored.

So I don't.

Crying is as integral a part of this season for me 
as hot chocolate and mistletoe.

But the whole purpose of this time of year is to remind us 
that God comes in vulnerability
and smallness;
to remind us that there is light in the darkness.
That is good news indeed -
and reason to rejoice

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Has it really been over a month?

Ireland feels light years away.

I still have images I want to share -
gorgeous gardens, estates and how 'the other half' lives
as well as sacred places.
But that will have to wait.

Life intervened.

There was a first birthday

A trip to the other side of the state to see one of my favorite people
and eat at a favorite place
all while getting a jump start on the holidays.

BTW - 
You know if I didn't live in a cottage,
I'd have a whole string of globes!

There was a trip 'up North' to see family
 and a continuous stream of holiday prep and celebration!

No wonder I'm tired!

Thursday, November 9, 2017