Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What goes around...

I'm trying to take the high road here...
but being the better person is SO taxing.

I only have one request: next time you write me up for "not revealing the healing presence of Christ"(and honestly, who the hell actually talks like that??!) could you at least be honest enough to include YOUR role in the process.

Maybe it's me but demanding that a Social Worker come to the NICU immediately on the weekend to clear a baby for discharge when that child has been there for 10 days, the NICU social worker didn't do her job and write a consult on, or anywhere near, Day 5, and the mother isn't even in the damn building, isn't exactly the best way to start off an interaction.

And, when you call again, with a snarky voice and tell me to "get over here now", do you really think I'll have NO reaction when I jump through your hoops, only to be told that mom was "in the middle of a breast feeding lesson and I should come back in an hour"?

Lady, you're lucky "an eye roll" (which you apparently found so offensive) was the only physical reaction you got...

Especially when, after doing the consult which, let me remind you, was conducted ONLY to facilitate a discharge, the mom informs me that you think she should have another breast feeding lesson, stay overnight again and go home in the morning...would that be the morning on which the NICU SW could have been contacted to do her damn job and done the consult herself??

I've been told they're the money makers of the hospital and that's why we suck up to them but I'll say it now and say it loud - I HATE the NICU!

How's THAT for a healing presence??

Give me the ER any day!!