Thursday, January 23, 2014

I see your true colors

Aura envy...
never thought I'd be inflicted with this sad condition,
but my competitive side 
was in full force this weekend.

My son, niece and I decided to have our auras photographed this weekend.

My son is a veteran,
so he pretty much knew what to expect.

Ellen and I were newbies -
but we had hopes - 
despite Art Boy telling us that there is no hierarchy of colors;
no chakra superior to others.

But us girls, 
still thinking in terms of Western 'rankings', 
knew better;
 we definitely wanted to have certain auras.

I envisioned myself as a purple or blue with tinges of white.
Ellen saw herself as indigo blue.

Yeah, not so much.

(From left to right - 
Niece, son, me)

Their auras are their stories to tell - 
but, can I just say, 
they seem to represent both of them 
to perfection.
(And, yes, that seems to be a figure standing with my son,
someone who literally 'has his back';
comfort indeed to a boy who lost his dad when he was 10!)

My 'reading' - and aura- 
was a surprise - 
but also spot on.

I was told that my aura represents 
a burst of creativity and new beginnings 
that's consuming and almost overwhelming.
A time of creativity, 
involving stamina, vigor, excitement 
and being courageous.

And, while you can't see it as well with the scanned image,
there's also a subtle streak of green in the center
indicating that there is a time of healing beginning to emerge.

There's also a distinct but subtle white obelisk in the lower left corner.
We couldn't decide if that's the BVM 
(since it resembles the image that emerged on my deck lamp panel)
or a tower or monument I need to be looking for on the Camino
that could be significant.

Time will tell!

What fun!

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