Sunday, February 20, 2011


Spent the whole day yesterday poking around antique stores - all within a 50 mile radius of home.

I wasn't even sure some of the buildings would hold up long enough for me to get in and out safely...
I'm a thrill taker - no doubt about it!

I saw shiny things...
and things from "The Shining"...the tag says this is a cast for a dolls head...really?
Looks like a macabre Jack Nicholson chicken head to me!

But the best score of the day (for $1.00) was this catalog from 1953...just in time for updating my spring wardrobe...and you can help me 'cause I'm torn.

I can't decide whether to go with the pastel pink or the siren red...

I think I've ruled out wearing the spider web dress - although the head band is appealing...

I'm toying with the Peter Pan hat and Red Riding Hood cape look instead of the Orientalia style on the bottom left.
I DO think this versatile aqua number would be perfect for those days of testifying in court and going out for cocktails afterwards; just pop on those sleeve puffs and I'd be good to go!

I'd be tempted to go for the dress -bottom right - but I KNOW Mary Ann is going to want this the minute she gets back from the island cruise with the Professor and Gilligan!

And knowing how much I love roses, I definitely will be getting THIS - and I'd better hurry since it's limited stock!


If I wasn't afraid of looking like a slut, I'd also go for the black lace number...what do YOU think, too much?And, because a girls foundation is key...I'll definitely be getting a new bra and girdle!

OMG...THIS one brought back memories of my peeps and I in 6th grade, stuffing our bras with Dixie cups filled with cotton...oh yes we did!

Laughing our asses off that if the boys got 'fresh', all we had to do was turn the wrong way and put their eyes out! Now, those were good times!!

And despite the grey weather, so was this!
All that time travel for only a buck!

What a great Saturday!


Aimee said...

I am thinking that I would have been totally "screwed" in that era in regards to clothing! Lol! I mean seriously could you see me donning one of those outfits? Hysterical...I am almost in tears thinking about it!

Donna said...

LMAO...the images it conjures up are too funny!! On any day you can't fine something to be thankful for, living in THIS decade should be at the top of your list!!

Aimee said...

I am eternally grateful for being a child of the 70's!!!! (and I barely made it into that Have you ever seen the movie "Tipping the Velvet"? That so would have been me!

Kathy Schmaeng said...

I have to say I am a little bit in LOVE with the clearance dress!!! Is there an old order form in the catalog? I should send out for it to see what kind of response I get.
If only...
I will just have to make it if I really want it.
p.s. Getting dressed back then must have been a bitch. Now Im wondering what they wore on 'lazy' days... and feeling very very thankful for hoodies and comfy sweat pants.

Donna said...

I DO have an order form - which I'm happy to give you; let's see what happens. You'd look lovely in the roses dress!