Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jefferson Barracks

I did something on Memorial Day that I've never done before - I actually thought about the men and women who have died for this country.

I went to a National Cemetry that's 15 miles, and a world away, from my house.
I went for a photo op. Hey, I'm not proud of the motivation, just being honest.
And what I saw, and felt, while I was there were equal parts admiration, horror, sadness and revulsion.

331 acres filled with white marble headstones and a 'sameness' that is both soothing and numbing at the same time.

Row after row, up hill and down...a never ceasing parade.

I kept thinking what a powerful symbol this was of how things should be:
all divisions - of rank, gender, race, income, religion, relationship status - obliterated; reducing us to essential sameness - our common humanity - with death our common destination.

For me though, there is also something inherently wrong with a nation that keeps sending its young, its future, off to die in military interventions.

I appreciate that diplomacy, and believing in peace, has a steep learning curve for every generation, but we'd better start finding other solutions...
there are simply too many out here already.

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