Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I have a whole love/hate relationship to carnivals.
I love
hearing the excitement in peoples voices,
the shrieks,
the laughter;
I love
the games of chance 
(which you KNOW are rigged),

I love the overall ambiance.
Ok, I'll admit it;
I even love the food - 
even if I restrained myself
this time!

The smell alone was intoxicating - 
come on, what's not to like 
about sugar and grease!

I even love the barely contained disdain of those forced to ride the kiddie rides 
when they wanted the more exciting stuff!
(Is it me, or does this little one look like a Kardashian?)

My responses to the rides however
range from simply no
 no thanks,
 get serious
 no way
 not even
 and Hell No!

As much as I love speed,
I'll stick to one of these,
thank you very much.

 And it wasn't lost on me how naturally San Francisco 
seems to follow Kansas City!

It must be a genuine thing!

Come to think of it though,
my vertigo would be set off by even the simplest ride;
I'll just sit and watch.

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