Sunday, October 18, 2015


a quiet or secluded place 
in which one can rest and relax.

It was all that -
and more.

A small town,
less than an hour away;
once home to businesses and stately homes along the river.
 now with not much going on...

But on the outskirts,
acres of wooded beauty
made available to our church by a generous parishioner.
It served as a retreat center this weekend -
and it was just the respite I needed.

There's still much to 'process';
many things I want to remember;
but, for tonight,
I'm exhausted ...
clearly I'm not made for so much relaxation!

I just want to share some images of the beauty
that surrounded me
at every turn.

It was an invitation
to get away,
spend time with friends,
old and new,
and give thanks to a loving God.

It was an invitation I gratefully accepted.

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