Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July

The flag was weaponized for me back in the 60's.

The whole "My country, love it or leave it",
was wrapped in a flag and hurled at anyone who disagreed 
with an immoral war in Southeast Asia;
it changed my perception of this symbol forever.

It's the prime reason why I haven't enjoyed the 4th of July
since then.

It's especially hard 
when your government has kidnapped children and is holding them hostage.
I live in a small town;
one that celebrates the day with a parade, carnival 
and elevating all the virtues of living in a primarily white bubble to a high art.
And, at the risk of being run out of town, I hate it.

Instead of focusing on all that's hypocritical and objectionable about this day,
I'll focus instead on the March for Families that occurred this past weekend.
It felt fabulous to take a stand
and say, "Hell No; not in my name.
The government may NOT kidnap infants and children from their parents
and send them across the country in some bizarre flexing of patriotic muscle."
It was nice to be part of 'the tribe' again.
I was proud to represent with a friend from work.

If only it hadn't been 100 degrees!
I was doing alright until 3 hours in ...
then I had to find a tree, some shade and take a break
until the stars started to clear.
It was a great morning.

Lady Liberty may be down
but she'll be back!

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