Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Week

Had to show this to you before I send it off to Art Boy... the perfect Easter gift!
Complete with hologram cover depicting Jesus on a piece of bread, or maybe it's toast.
(Lean back in your chair, away from the computer and it will be clearer!!)

Some images from the inside - -

Chicken breast Jesus
which was revealed to David Martin in Syracuse, NY.
When discovered, David exclaimed to his friends "I think Jesus is on my chicken."
Now that's a sentence you don't hear everyday!

Then there's "Frying pan Jesus", discovered by a chef in Australia after cooking/burning a batch of lemon mustard sauce.
The proud cook stated the image restored his faith...makes me want to look at my pans more closely now before I go pouring Ivory and hot water in them to soak!

Then there's "Bunk bed Jesus" which evolved on a bed a woman bought for her son in 2000.
Jesus didn't show up until 2009 - 2 years after his father/ her husband died.
Both mom and son believe it was Dads way of saying he was fine and sending them divine protection.

But my favorite, hands down, is the "Cheeto Jesus" discovered in 2004 by a youth minister in Texas.
Needless to say it's been a huge topic of conversation for their Youth group...and a prized object.
And the kids have named guessed it...Cheesus!

May you be inspired this week to find glimpses of the divine in the ordinary and may you surrender to the mystery of the unknown and our desire to see 'signs' of a power and majesty beyond our understanding.

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