Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I’ll be honest.
I’ve not always been a ‘glass half-full’ kind of gal.

I like to think I’m a realist and can recognize half empty when I see it – and that, when I do, I’ll name it and deal with it.
God knows people who walk around determined to see only the bright side of everything piss me off - or maybe it’s just envy that their medication is working better than mine!

All I know is when the Pollyannas of this world start chirping, my hand starts twitching, revving up to bitch slap the Stepford smiles right off their faces, obliterating their self righteous statements about how ‘blessed’ they are!
Not that I have strong feelings about it!

Earlier this week however, I found myself seriously wishing I was a little more like them.

I was struck with the sudden realization that my entire career has had all the impact on the world of a mouse’s fart.

I mean, really…we’re knocking ourselves out down in the ER…seeing record numbers of abused kids - - and yet they keep right on coming.

If we were making a difference, any difference, wouldn’t part of that difference include reducing the amount of abuse that’s going on out there?

It’s as if - the more we see, the more we’re simply encouraging the pervs to step up their game - and they’ve risen to the challenge.

There’s a level of human brokenness out there that’s reaching critical mass…and our fingers are getting all pruney plugging the holes in the dike (don't even got here; you know what I'm talkin about!) and it’s not going to hold much longer.

Maybe a road trip will help…

Then again, maybe not.

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