Friday, December 17, 2010

No holiday cheer tonight

At the start of my mothers recognizable journey with Alzheimer's 15 yrs ago, a journey which led to her being placed 7 yrs ago in assisted living, I prayed for the strength to walk this path with her with patience and a modicum of humor.

I'm humbled to say that God apparently DOES answer prayers - only, sometimes, the answer is "NO".

I've never found patience with her- answering the same questions a bazillion times in ten minutes, over and over and over again - and there's nothing funny about it.
It's like being trapped in a nightmare version of Ground Hog Day!

I recently read that some theologians consider that movie to be One of the Top Spiritual Movies of our time; a perfect example of how God keeps giving us opportunities, over and over and over again, to learn compassion and more loving responses.

Oh good, so I'm failing not only Daughterhood 101, but Religion 101 too!

There's a reason I don't keep guns in the house.

I've stopped praying for the strength to get through this with patience and humor; I'd settle for strength to get through it alive.


dizzy said...

Oh, Ms Off-Center Bubble, I cannot share your experiences, but I know that with your spirit, you WILL get through it. Suddenly the Kingston Trio song "Ain't it hard, ain't it hard, to love someone who doesn't love you" popped into my head.

Donna said...

Thanks, Dizzy; just keepin' it real; it's not all wonderful Thomas Kincaid Christmas glow, is it? I never imagined it would go on this long - or be so hard! tryin' to just keep breathing.