Monday, November 22, 2010

Trying to hang on to the glow...

finally home after covering the night shift for a sick colleague...

Glad I had a GREAT day yesterday to balance it out!

We all can forget...

My antidote?
Spending time with my kids on a walk this weekend in Loose Park in Kansas City .

My visits with Art Boy and GI Joe together are never long enough but, at least, we had lunch and a walk on a beautiful day before Thanksgiving.

SO much fun to have all my 'kids' in one place.
The dogs were in heaven to have both their boys with them!

Which word do you see?
I have troubles or triumphs of my own?

I've had my share of both...and love that both get recognized in this painting - one of several currently on exhibit at the Dolphin in Kansas City - the gallery where Art Boy works and lives.

More to come...but I have to get to sleep so I can get up tomorrow -at some point - and go back in to do it all again!

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mufasa4inmo said...

Hope you had a better evening then we had here! I was truly convinced by the end of my shift that there was a double full moon! The weather turns nice and everyone loses what "little" minds they have! Glad you had a great weekend with the boys (and dogs)! Have a great week!