Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Child Abusers...

We hate to admit it but we're disappointed.

You have brought us SO many fine moments of creative improv...but here you were handed a unique opportunity and you were all asleep at the wheel.

What gives?

You've come up with "a ghost must have done it", "spontaneous combustion bruises" and "Mexicans crawled through the tile in the bathroom ceiling and beat her up" - to name just three of our Top Ten excuses for how your babies got injured.

And we didn't mention it beforehand because we didn't want to give any of you ideas but...
yesterday, you could have brought your baby in with skull fractures, bleeds in his head and numerous bruises - and said God had started to 'take him up in the Rapture'...and then changed his mind and dropped him back to earth!

We even had a diagnosis for it ready - Ruptured Rapture.

And not ONE of you told us that!

You let us down...
and that doesn't happen often.

But it's Monday; get your game on...

the ER

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