Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Did anyone else hear or read this?

The Los Angeles County coroner's office has positively identified "mummified" human remains that were found in a dilapidated Beverly Hills home as those of Yvette Vickers.

The coroner's office determined that "the cause of death was Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease -- heart disease," said Craig Harvey, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner.

Harvey said positive identification of 82-year-old Vickers was made using dental x-rays.

Susan Savage, a neighbor of Vickers, made the gruesome discovery on April 27. Savage told the Los Angeles Times she became concerned when she noticed her neighbors mailbox was overflowing and the front door to her Benedict Canyon home was covered in cobwebs. Savage said she had not seen the reclusive actress since the summer and decided to investigate.

Remains were reportedly on the floor next to a running electric heater.

"The skin is still intact but the body is like dried skin, leathery," a coroner's office spokesman told News earlier this month.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Vickers was the daughter of jazz musicians Charles and Lola Vedder.
The Missouri native was married and divorced twice.
She was most famous for her roles in the 1958 science fiction film "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" and the 1959 horror flick "Attack of the Giant Leeches."

I totally understand the possibility of dying at home alone and not being discovered for days.

I have lived alone for a very long time.
My sons, as loving as they are, do NOT call me every day or even every week... nor do I expect them too.
I'm semi-reclusive after work and, if I didn't show up for a few days, my boss would assume I'd gone nuts and decided to take some time off.

OK, so the subpoenas for court appearances might garner some concern if I didn't show up; but I could see circumstances in which I could go missing and not be missed for awhile.

I'm thinkin' Yvette's agent wasn't knocking down her door with new offers.
Further guessing that her house was completely paid for but she didn't have much saved- so repairs and upkeep weren't do-able; besides, she's from Missouri - have you seen some of the shacks in the Ozarks?I'm sure nothing in Benedict Canyon even comes close!

Here's what I don't understand...
a running electric heater implies ongoing use of electricity...which implies unpaid electric bills for nearly a year??!
Give me a break!!

Ameren UE would have cut service to her sorry ass off after 2 months and then harassed her for payment until they raised the dead!!I'm moving to CA.

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