Monday, March 17, 2014

Almost spring

Enjoying the first signs I see -
even if they were 'forced'.

 Since I don't drink green beer, 
go to St Patrick Day parades 
or like the taste 
of corned beef and cabbage,
these 'Belles of Ireland" will have to serve 
as my St Patrick Day observance!

A friend sent me this e-note which, 
in her mind, 
represents what 
retirement will be like.
and, maybe, at some point it will be.

my first full day of retirement,
I have to testify at a trial in the morning,
testify at another one in the afternoon,
walk 7 miles,
go to the bank,
go to my trainers
and then go grocery shopping 
to stock up for the next two weeks
so I don't have to do anything else 
but walk, pack and get ready for my trip to Spain!

Makes me tired just thinking about all that has to be done!

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