Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Some more Lenten Peeps - and a decision

Playing with Peeps is my spring obsession;
it's hard to stop once I start -
but I'm feeling the time constraints this year -
and this is my last 'batch'!

I'm also going to make things easier
while immersing myself in training
and getting ready to walk 550 miles across Spain.

For the next few months,
I'll only be posting on my Camino blog:

Hope you'll follow me over there;
if not, see you back here when I return.
Oh, and, for all you 'bad people' out there,
don't even THINK my house will be unprotected
in my absence.

My posse has my back -
they'll do what they have to do...
trust me,
you do not want to mess with them!

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