Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gone to the Dogs...

Now that my 'retirement' is drawing to a close - 
for the time being, at least, -
I wanted to get one more thing off the 'to-do' list.

Flying to Paris?
A trip to NYC?

Come on, you know me better than that;
I'm a simple girl.

I've wanted to see the Dog museum ever since it opened
and, with one thing or another, 
it just hadn't happened.
Well, now it has!

I'm SO glad I went;
what fun.


all breeds
all eras.

BTW - the image below is a painting -
so exquisitely fine it looks photographic.

 An absolutely delightful way
to spend the better part of an hour.

Think it's excessive to devote so much time/space
to our canine companions?
Consider this-
the National Retail Federation estimated Americans will spend $700 MILLION
on Valentines Day presents -
for their pets!

Don't tell my two though -
I'm throwing them a bone and calling it a night!

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