Saturday, February 7, 2015

Goodbye borders -

the last vestiges of the 80's are gone!
(Well, I'm still here 
but that can't be helped!)

The bathroom is finally stripped
and ready for the plasterer/painter 
sometime in the spring.

(The kitchen still has wallpaper behind the refrigerator 
that has to be vanquished before the date can be set;
although that should be removed by next week!
Celebrating baby steps
as they come...)
 Time to concentrate on the all important issue of 
which shower curtain to get!

Have to focus my decorating 'vision' around something, right? 

Keeping in mind that the tub and tile are light blue
(and I'm NOT completely remodeling to remove them!)
and the walls will be a solid pale yellow -
the 3 top contenders so far:

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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