Saturday, June 27, 2015

Moving toward the light

It's been a good week 
to be liberal.

ALL people in this country are finally 
free to love whoever they love
and have the same odds 
of being happy or miserable
in the state of marriage
as anyone else -
no matter what state they live in.
Millions of people can stop worrying about whether their healthcare
will be terminated or disrupted

as they struggle with chronic illness
or new diagnoses
that demand all of their emotional resources.
This guy might actually start to learn
in the only way he apparently can
- his wallet -
that there are consequences to words
and when you call an entire people
thugs, rapists and criminals
some of them may not want to watch your spectacle of
 parading and objectifying
women from around the world.

(Now if only they had arrived at that decision
because the whole concept of pageants
in this day and age is wrong,
that would have been even better!)
And this despicable object
may finally be on its way
of being removed and banned from public spaces.

I could never understand how a symbol of
the largest movement of treason against our country
was perpetuated and even glorified
150 years after the fact.

It, along with all Confederate statues and memorials,
belong in a museum -
in the Losers wing.
Think what we could do if we truly worked together;
Hope springs eternal.
ps. among items still sitting on my Wish List
is the removal
of all appropriation
of Native American imagery
as mascots
or fashion accessories

the destruction of Mount Rushmore
(or as people on the reservation refer to them, "The Faces")
with the return of the Black Hills to the Lakota people.

This monument to the Oppressors
is built on land that was considered sacred to Native Americans
and is central to their Creation stories;
 the land was promised to them in perpetuity by the Treaty of 1868
(which was broken less than a decade later when gold was discovered);
and each one of these men had terrible relationships
with the indigenous population
and were responsible for implementing and advancing
a governmental policy of ethnic genocide.

From L to R
in 1779
George Washington instructed Major General John Sullivan
"to lay waste to all Indian settlements, 
that the country may not be merely overrun but destroyed"
and in the inevitable skirmishes that would result from that policy
 "not to listen to any overture of peace before the total ruin of their settlements was effected".

Washington became known as the "Destroyer of Villages"
because of his genocidal extermination practices,
including sanctioning the practice of the troops following battles with the Iroquois
of making a kind of legging or footwear
by skinning the corpses of the fallen foes from the hips down.

While Thomas Jefferson initially supported a policy of assimilation,
it quickly turned to one of annihilation,
aimed primarily at the Cherokees and the Creek.
He said all Natives should be driven beyond the Mississippi or "take up the hatchet 
and never lay it down until they are all exterminated."

Theodore Roosevelt, shortly after being elected governor of New York, announced
"This continent had to be won. 
We need not waste our time
dealing with any sentimentalist who believes that it would have been right 
to leave this continent as a hunting ground for squalid savages, 
It had to be taken by the white race."

He further justified the taking of Native lands,
 expansion into their territories
and the wars of extermination by saying it was "as ultimately beneficial as it was inevitable. 
I don't go so far as to think that the only good Indian is a dead Indian, 
but I believe nine out of ten are 
and I shouldn't like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth"
and last, but not least,

Abraham Lincoln,
who, while a champion of those held in slavery,
is responsible for ordering
the largest mass hanging in US history -
the Dakota 38;
holy men and leaders of the Plains tribes
who history has held
are largely innocent of the crimes for which they were executed.

Their faces, glorified and maintained as a National Park, is a travesty;
akin to having Hitlers face carved onto Mount Sinai
How well do you think that would go over with the Jewish state?
That's the trouble with being a liberal, isn't it?
There's never an end to injustice,
there are always more wrongs to right;
frankly it's exhausting.

I know conservatives probably feel that they got run over by a truck this week
but they have no idea how hard it is to be us
on a continuing basis!

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