Monday, May 30, 2016

Keeping it simple

There was early morning stillness
and birdsong;
the leaves stirring 
ever so slightly
in a passing breeze.
It never gets less poignant.
It never makes more sense;
how frequently
how easily
how carelessly
we send our children off to fight 
and die.
I needed to remember the enormity of the freedoms we have in this country;
that even the privilege of being disgusted by politicians 
with puffed up hair and egos to match
is the direct result of the sacrifice others have made;
made so we can live under a system of government 
where differences of opinions can exist
and are expressed...
and expressed...
and expressed.
 Of course there's a shadow side.
there always is.

No country,
no system of government,
no way of life
is perfect.
 We're born.

We 'become'
conservative, liberal,
Democrat, Republican,
Christian, Atheist ...
and, as much as we're each unique,
 can you tell who was what?
We die.
I'm amazed at how complicated we try to make everything in between.
Memorial Day 2016

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