Sunday, May 29, 2016

New realities

Artist, Maggie Meiners, recently used my family members 
in a photo for her latest series 
re-visioning the work of Norman Rockwell.
New takes on current American issues which
Norman probably never envisioned.
Here's what she said on Facebook.
I feel the need to share my photograph titled "Cock, Bang and Repeat" 
as today's headlines read that Chicago tallies it's 1,000th shooting. 
This image is part of my "Revisiting Rockwell" series 
and is based on his painting, "Freedom from Fear". 
 I am not sure what the solution is, 
but I am sure that if we embrace the idea of humanity, 
foster discussions about our similarities and differences, 
and listen to one another's personal stories, 
perhaps we can find a way to respect the lives of one another 
despite resentments, anger, stress and misunderstanding.

The families of this senseless violence 
in this great city 
are in my thoughts and prayers 
as they continue to live in fear. 

May Peace be upon you soon.

 Prayers for all of us trying to keep our balance 
in a world that is seriously off kilter!

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