Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Is it time yet?

 Let me know when it does.
Seems like it's taking for ever!

Words escape me
for everything that bothers me
on any particular day! 

Yet, some cartoons sum it up.
But I refuse to give the irritants 
anymore real estate in my head
I'm focusing on enjoying 
all summer has to offer -

 'cause you can never have too many 
tie dyed socks
or origami peace cranes.

There were also glimpses of life in Northern CA
 which inspired the scheduling of another visit there
while supporting artists here 
at another art fair...

 with the purchase of images from a photographer in South Dakota
 that spoke directly to my heart.
 and a painting that reminds me of countless road trips.
Sorry about the glare.
It will look better on my wall, I promise!

Speaking of road trips,
I hope to get it hung - 
as soon as I get home from Mission trip;
it's back to Rosebud later this week,
 and I can't wait.
Maybe I'll have a different perspective when I get back...
at least, I'll have different pictures.
Take care 'til then!

If you're interested, you can follow along
here for the week -
or wait for me to come back!

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