Saturday, June 25, 2016


My guest room is getting a work out - and I love it!
I decided if I was going to be flying more often 
to see a son who insists on living half a continent away, 
then I'd better get with the program - 
and register with the TSA for expedited check in.
No more standing in long lines for me!
And it only took 10 minutes - and $85.00.
Such a bargain.
I've been very busy this weekend
giving thanks for "everything in between" ...
a dear friend is retiring
and leaving town (leaving the country actually)
 after being an integral part of our church for 7 years.
 I don't know about any of you
but, for me,
saying Goodbye never gets any easier;
practice does NOT make perfect;
if anything, it gets harder ...
because the more "goodbyes" you rack up,
the more you realize the finality of them.

It hurts
and, at the risk of getting
maudlin and whiny
like I'm the only one who's experienced it,
I'm sick of losing people who are important to me.
The potential for tears comes with every beautiful experience ...
I always fool myself otherwise.
Knew I should have bought stock in this company 
when I had the chance!

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