Friday, July 1, 2016

Future Shock

Is anyone else out there feeling shell shocked?

There’s just SO much to respond and react to …
I no sooner had written those sentences than I heard an NPR report
on the death of futurist, Alvin Toffler.
His book, Future Shock, published in 1970,
coined the term he used as the title
 as a psychological state of individuals and entire societies.
The shortest definition for the term is
"a personal perception of too much change in too short a period of time".
He predicted that when we reached that point on a massive scale,
individuals, as well as societies, would go a bit crazy.

Frankly, I think he nailed it!

The mass murder in Orlando,
bombs going off in Istanbul,
BREXIT and complete chaos in the British government
(that I fear is, sadly, just a portent of what’s to come in this country) -

and may I just ask -
what’s up with the hairdos of the rousers of rabble on both sides of the pond?
 Is disordered hair an indication of disordered thinking?
Or is it just that too much bleach has seeped into their brains.

I think both these guys are case studies in how much easier it is
to tear things apart
 than build them up and keep them together.
Neither one of them seems to have an actual plan for how to govern -
they're just interested in self promoting
and being 'against' whatever exists now.
Although clearly whatever exists now
is working out a whole lot better for them
than it is for most of us!

I think it’s telling
(of what I don’t know except maybe that
stupidity isn’t exclusively the purview of Americans) –
but the most Googled questions in Britain –
 the day after the Brexit vote –
were “what countries are in the EU”
and” how will Britain leaving the EU impact the country”?
 The day after you vote!!
It doesn’t occur to you to educate yourself BEFORE casting your vote.
(As if ‘Googling’ is a substitute for an actual knowledge base and critical thinking!)

 Don’t even get me started on the complete failure of the education systems -
in both countries apparently -
to teach reasoning, sequential thought, and history!
Oy vey!

As if that isn't bad enough,
we have the conventions coming up.
Even thinking about what will be on the airwaves later this summer
is enough to induce gagging.

It’s predicted to be the Trump Family reality show.
 All of his children speaking at different times -
because no one in their right mind wants to share a stage with him.
Not that I think anyone in the Republican Party nowadays is in their right mind these days.

BTW, does his wife even speak English?
Has he not programmed Stepford wife to speak in whole sentences yet
or is it just that her heavily accented 'foreign' voice is the wrong visual
to have while he spews hate about immigrants?
(OK, so it s not a visual, its an auditory, but you know what I mean!)

Don't get me wrong ...
the Dems convention won't be much better.

While I DO think the whole Benghazi investigation was politically motivated
and an outrageous waste of tax dollars and time
when Congress could have been,
 oh I don’t know, actually GOVERNING,
there’s been too much ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire “with Ms Hillary
for my taste.
You can just bet that IF there had been anything to charge her with though
she’d be wearing an orange jumpsuit instead of a pants suit by now.
It’s just, how many times can you or your husband be linked to some sleazy
or ‘just this side of the law’ occurrence
before you figure out there may be more than a teeny problem with truth and honesty?

And Bills latest debacle about meeting with the Attorney General?
I don't care if you were talking about your grand-kids, vacations and the weather,
what about the appearance of impropriety
and incredibly poor judgement do you not get?

Does anyone else wonder if he's deliberately trying to undermine her campaign?
After all his hound dogging around and her standing by him,
I'm sure she has him by the short hairs...
this might be payback.
Just sayin'.

 Then there’s Bernie…
another WTH.

He doesn’t give a rats ass about the Democratic party;
it is, after all, the first time he’s ever run as one.
And there's no denying it was a good run
but come on,
talk about staying too long at the party.
He’s like the gum wad you get on the bottom of your shoe;
you think it’s gone
but you can’t really ever scrape it all off.

And to add insult to injury,
the FDA is weighing in that eating raw cookie dough is bad for you.
Not that we haven't heard it all before  ...

Truth be told,
it's not going to change my mind
or my eating practices.

If anyone gives me a hard time,
I'm just going to tell them
I've started a raw food diet!
That's supposed to be good for you, right?

It's all just too much!

That's why a road trip is called for ...
time in the country,
away from the radio, TV and any other form of social media.
 Just me, my camera and hours of unfettered time.

Stay tuned!

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