Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I had the perfect 4th of July

for an introvert.

After driving all over the state on Saturday,
a full Sunday at church,
complete with brunch afterward and discussing baby names
(of which, lets be honest, 
there are simply too many -
and this was even before people started making up their own 
which now gets the number to well over a bazillion 
because everyone seems to believe their baby needs to be 'unique' - 
lets face it, it already will be 
since there's not another creature 
with the exact same mix of DNA
and - unless you get it identical plastic surgery 
by the same plastic surgeon like a Kardashian -
 you can be assured your baby WILL be his or her own little person - 
but now with a name that most assuredly will NOT be found on any personalized license plate 
for their tricycle or hair barrettes, depending on gender and hair length).
To celebrate my independence this year -
for starters from:
*blindly wearing some red, white and blue outfit 
that only comes out of the basement once a year;
*standing with the hordes drinking at 10AM
(this year in the drizzle),
watching people walk in a street
*hoping some float riding, hat wearing, flag waving citizen of my town 
will throw a stale piece of penny candy in my direction,
which BTW, I can buy myself any day I want 
and be far more selective abut the flavor I prefer
*having to restrain myself from booing 
when the local Republicans go marching along ...

basically freedom from trying to pretend 
that displays of small town Americana don't get old 
when repeated year after year, 

Insight flash -
maybe it gets old for everyone and that's why they're drinking!

Anyway it seemed a safer bet for all concerned 
for me to stay in bed until noon -
shopping on Etsy for the new grandchild - 
who will, in perpetuity, 
be referred to as "The Tot" or "Tater".

If its a boy, the outfits I chose are great;
if its a girl, she'll either be 
too young to care, 
a hipster,
or well on her way to being a dyke.
(Not that there's anything wrong with that!)
 It was also the perfect day to binge watch "Mozart in the Jungle"
 without a twinge of remorse
since it was raining and I couldn't do yard work
even if I wanted to
which I don't and can't
since my lawn mower is broken and still being repaired.

And, IF you haven't seen Mozart already -
why not?

Go do it now.

I spoke to no one -
beyond reassuring the dogs they were not going to die from the sound of fireworks
and I'm not sure that counts.

I took pictures of small things,
 added an element to my holistic approach of treating my recent flare of RA,
and was back in bed,
asleep by 9.

It was lovely.

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