Sunday, July 31, 2016

The choice has never been more clear


It feels like swimming against the tide, 
this stubborn hope I have, 
insisting on making its way 
against all the contrary evidence, 
all the news of brutal pain, 
of anger and pointless violence. 

Every day, 
every minute, 
the flow of pictures and stories 
sweeps around me, 
around us, 
pulling me, 
pulling us, 
out toward the dark and distant water, 
far from the shore. 

Fear is a rip tide, 
a strong current that carries away 
and leaves the faithful heart 
exhausted by the effort to believe 
in the face of so much sorrow. 

But I will not, 
we will not, 
cease to rise above the waves 
or fail to take the hand of the One who has come 
to bring us all to firm ground again.

Steve Charleston

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