Saturday, July 2, 2016

It doesn't always go as planned

but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun.

I envisioned blue skies,
white fluffy clouds,
picturesque cattle and fields
and quaint, perhaps abandoned, homes
practically begging to be explored 
and photographed.

I got 50 shades of gray sky
and rain; 
hours and hours of rain.
The fields were there
but I got soaked just taking these pictures,
so I gave up getting any more.

It was not the day I had planned.

But it was rural Missouri
so there were surprises
because nothing quite says 
"Happy Fourth of July"
like Darth Vader, Yoda 
and a wild turkey in a boat!
And there was treasure hunting.

You've got to love a town where people read
AND sell antiques!

Now THIS is the way to celebrate our freedom - 
poking around in other folks cast offs!
Recycling at its most glorious!

 I thought of all the Christmas 'stuff' I still have downstairs -
after giving away boxes of it - 
and I resisted the holiday section - 
although my heart did beat a bit faster while browsing around.

Textiles were the draw of the day ...
although I don't need any.
But 'need' doesn't enter into the equation on these outings!

Politically incorrect or not,
this vintage "Black Lives Matter" baby doll made me smile!
(Too soon?)
I was tempted by this guy too ...
and found myself wondering what his story was.
 I never fully understand why some antique stores look more like museums than stores.
I had an upcoming event on my mind as well
but didn't succumb to any vintage baby item - 
 Wandered around in the gardens before the rains forced me back inside the car 
and headed home.
 Oh well, at least I have another excuse to go out again later this summer!

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