Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My T-rump moment

It wasn't 3AM; 
it was 6AM -
which at my age might as well be 3! 

It was crack of dawn dark thirty 
and I had no business being on social media,
let alone responding to someones post.

But I was - 
and I did -
because one of my dogs wet the bed and I had to strip the damn thing,
right down to the mattress pad 
and remake it -
which is another whole story - 
so already the day wasn't off to an auspicious start.

(Honestly, this isn't just a "my dog ate my homework" excuse;
it was a combination of a dog sleeping extremely soundly
and a weeks worth of prednisone for a 'hotspot' 
which causes increased thirst and increased urination).

Anyway ....

I clicked onto Facebook and there it was on a friends page.

And, faster than T-rump can change his mind about a major policy issue,
I replied:
Until Bobs Candidate and all his friends 
tell Sally what she can and can't do with her uterus 
and who she can and can't love 
and how she must look and behave 
in order to be 'worthy' of their time, attention 
and equal protection under the law;
then Sally will get strong enough and smart enough
to tell Bob to go f*ck himself!

And, just like T-rump,
I'm totally unrepentant.

I am sick of people who voted for the PEOTUS telling people who didn't 
that the 'adult' thing to do is to
 accept it, smile and get on with life.

Besides, does anyone really think it's any coincidence that
this meme features a MALE as the Republican and a woman as a Democrat?

This isn't an innocuous meme about being 'adults'; 
this is about males telling 'subordinates' to accept their position,
their position as 'other',
as 'losers';
this is about males being in the dominant position 
and women and minorities knowing and accepting their place.

And that's a message I don't accept - 
no matter what time of day it is!

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