Saturday, April 1, 2017

Outrage is the new norm.

I was driving the other day, 
running errands and singing along with the soundtrack of Hamilton 
when the lyrics “History has its eyes on you”,
rang throughout the car.
I was blindsided by a wave of sadness 
that brought tears to my eyes.

What will future historians think of this current Administration; 
will they have any idea of the depth of disdain
felt by millions of citizens 
and of the millions of small -
and perhaps ineffective - 
acts of resistance in which we’re engaged 
in a desperate attempt to save our country 
from becoming a fascist state
with a mentally ill ruler?
I wrote that start of a post 10 days ago ...
and the events of each new day 
are worse than the ones which preceded it;
which is exactly how extremist governments succeed.

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance,
wear them down with bullshit -
and with this Administrations specialty - 
the never ending shell game
of 'find the hidden Russian'.

Not that treason 
and conspiring with a hostile government
for the takeover of OUR government
isn't worth investigating 
but, in the meantime,
 we have criminal nepotism, 
gross incompetence 
and the dismantling of all government agencies
and efforts to halt any of it
are fragmented at best.

The assault on our way of life is simply being fought on too many fronts.

When white men in dark suits are the ones making healthcare decisions 
that impact MILLIONS of women,
it makes my blood boil.

When a son in law is given the task
of re-creating our government into 'a business model',
I want to scream - 
oil companies?
the auto industry?
the banking system?
the telecommunications monopoly?
big farming concerns?
the pharmaceutical industry?

What business can you think of that has NOT failed miserably 
and then had to be bailed out by the government?

What business has NOT screwed the American people
with unfair labor practices,
uneven wage scales, 
created environmental damage
and exposed employees to safety hazards?
What industry has not had ultra rich executives with golden parachutes
 and barely hanging on employees?
Oh yes, do lets make THAT our goal for our government!
Are you fucking kidding me?
 A government is designed to protect and serve its citizens.
A business has as its only goals
to make a product and make money.
Do you really think any money the government 'makes' is coming back to us?
Please, that's the same old 'trickle down' economics the Republicans
have been pushing for decades -
it didn't work in the past and it won't work now - 
just in case you've been living under a rock or in your trailer 
and you haven't figured it out by now.

Then lets install the first daughter in the White House
at the highest level of security clearance
"as her fathers eyes and ears"
rather than face the facts that he has dementia,
is incompetent 
and can't find the White House bathroom 
without someone holding his hand
and leading him there.
 The fact that its his daughter with that job and not his wife
is just incestuously creepy!
And this observation is from someone with over 3 decades 
of dealing with the sexual abuse of children
and all variations of what incest looks like;
I know from creepy!

And the bullshit about how he 'gave his all' 
trying to pass the Republicans joke of a health care bill?
he gave it a smattering of attention for 3 weeks .
(Although that may be all he can muster. 
He has the attention span of a drunk mosquito).
It was a shitty bill to begin with
because Republicans, 
despite 8 years of bitching and moaning about the ACA,
never bothered to craft anything better.
And #45 couldn't sell it 
because healthcare is complicated,
 has concepts with a lot of big words
and he's both too stupid to understand
and not motivated enough to try.
It's really that simple.

Don't even get me started on how our tax dollars are paying for him 
to go golfing every weekend
at his damn country club!
Dear Donald,
if you want to be an old white man in Florida,
playing at your country club,
go do it.
Just don't pretend to be President at the same time.
 You're not smart enough to juggle both things!
Deep cleansing breath.

This bitch has taken herself back to yoga 
to reconnect with 'center', balance 
kindness and good karma.

Having a hard time dealing with reality, 
can you tell?

Peace out.

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