Sunday, April 9, 2017

When dilettantes play war

I will never understand why
when men don't know what else to do,
they blow things up.
I'm not so naive as to think there's never any justification for military action,
but the 'horrendous' images of dead children that 
so moved #45
he decided an air strike against a Syrian air support unit was called for
seems as "trumped up" an excuse as you'll ever find.

I say reportedly  
because I don't believe pictures of dead babies were his motivation 
at all.

There have been too many other images of horrendous suffering,
not only in Syria 
but around the globe;
children covered in ash from the rubble of their homes,
separated from families,
and dying;
bodies washing up on beaches;
hundreds of thousands of children
being brought by their parents 
across an ocean
in vessels barely worthy of the name 'dinghy',
hoping to find some peace 
from sectarian slaughter 
and a new life.

But there have been too many soundbites of #45 telling those same families
they're not welcome here,
they should go back where they came from,
telling his followers to 'get'em outta here';
emphasizing that, on his watch,
it's gonna be Americans first.

There have been too many actions:
cutting off foreign aid,
decreasing our presence and support to international relief agencies,
the cessation of involvement in multi governmental organizations 
working toward a more just and equitable world, 
as well as cutting off food subsidies 
for starving children
in this country.

I accept that our current president is functionally illiterate
and a 'visual learner'...
but the pictures have been there before;
he simply chose not to see them.

And having your un-elected heir apparent 
dress up in army gear,
pretending to be your eyes and ears about all things military
doesn't fool us either.
It's pandering in the basest form.
And, Donnie, striking an airbase,
after you've warned your pals,
the Russians,
that we were coming so they could have time to clear out
amounts to nothing more significant than a mouses fart.

Your ratings were tanking...
you continue to be an unparalleled National Embarrassment ...
yet in the distorted world in which you live,
move and have your being
blowing things up 
without having formulated any policy or cohesive strategy
for what comes next
was just the distraction 
and conversation changer
you were hoping for.

Maybe men are that easily distracted;
women are not.
I'm not.

You won this skirmish.
The country still is the biggest loser.

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