Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It never stops

 Little did we know it was only the beginning.

I wonder WHAT he was thinking. 
I wonder IF he was thinking.

Did he honestly think if he fired the Director of the FBI 
right after he testified about the timeline 
of when the White House knew there was a traitor in their midst, 
trumping up treason with the Russians – 
there might not be backlash? 

Especially since that same Director is the one in charge 
of investigating other aspects of those same acts of treason 
and who other players were in the drama, 
including but not limited to
the President himself.

And to admit the firing was at the recommendation of the Atty General –
the very same who had to recuse himself from any action 
related to the Russian investigation 
because the taint and stink of partisanship 
hangs on him like a cheap suit … 
how is that being ‘recused’?

Got to hand it to’em - 
this criminal administrative enterprise certainly knows how 
to make up ‘alternative facts’ and alternative definitions of words: 
ex. Sessions: “recuse: to throw yourself into the midst of” 
and Ivanka “complicit: wanting to be a force for good”.

NOnononononono – 
you do NOT get to redefine the very essence of words
to make yourselves look better than the self-serving cretins you are! 

Creating the definition of a word 
to be the antithesis of the traditional meaning 
would get you thrown out of a spelling bee at my old elementary school – 
as far as I’m concerned, 
it should get you thrown out of government as well.

And he handled the firing in as cowardly a way as possible. 
Despite his trademark blustering “You’re fired” on his despicable TV show, 
he didn’t even have the nerve to tell the man straight to his face 
that he was being axed … 
a f8Cking letter delivered by a henchman while he was out of town.
How is that presidential?

I suspect it’s because not even he could say out loud  -
with a straight face -
that the reason  he was being fired was due to the way he handled Hillary’s emails -
8 months ago! 

It’s laughable. 
No one with 2 functioning brain cells buys that explanation.

The investigative dogs are closing in, 
sniffing around the Russian money laundering 
upon which #45’s whole pathetic house of cards is built– 
and he had to try to throw them off the scent.
I’m sure he was hoping a good constitutional crisis should do it!

As if they’ve not provided plenty of diversions elsewhere – 
the highlight reel includes:
 *SIL Jared’s family selling expedited visas 
for a small investment in the family business 
($500,00 is apparently chump change in China.)

* A ‘tax reform’ 
consisting of a 1 page narrative 
with bullet points 
and no numbers.
That’s not even a Cliff Note version – 
that’s a book report written in the back of the bus 
on the way to school 
the morning it’s due -
on crumpled up, old paper 
you fished out of the bottom of your backpack.
That's an ‘F’.

*passing a travesty of a healthcare bill 
that will force millions to face both routine and catastrophic illnesses 
without any coverage –
and then gleefully throwing a frat party, 
complete with a kegger,
 on the white House lawn.
Who are these people? 

Remember all that hoorah during the ACA passage 
about ‘death panels?
Here they are folks, 
right here.
The content of the bill is bad enough but, 
for the love of God, 
does anyone talk to them about optics?
I guess not – 
otherwise he wouldn’t be meeting today with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov 
in the White House!

The group charged with concocting the law 
as well as the group fixing the mess and reforming healthcare in the House?
with nary a breast or uterus to be had! 
Well, I'll bet there are some man boobs among them 
but I frankly don’t want to know.
If it doesn’t need to be mammogram-ed, 
it doesn’t count.

And hiring an attorney to send a certified letter 
to the Senate Judiciary Committee 
denying that you had any dealings with the Russians? – 
ya, that will tamp speculation down.

As #45 is about to find out, 
when you lie habitually and often – 
as in every word coming out of your mouth – 
the consequence is that no one believes you – 
even if you’re telling the truth which, 
let’s be honest, 
you’re not!

Contrary to what Deputy Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders would like
 -it’s NOT going away. 
We’re NOT moving on. 
Don’t care if it’s been almost a year.
We listened to your guys bullsh*t for 8 years about #44’s birth certificate.

Sister, this is treason; 
this is about colluding with a hostile foreign government 
for the illegitimate takeover of our government and its processes.

It’s NOT going away – 
but, with any luck, 
your guy WILL!
 How fitting is this?

I’m hopeful.
You know what happened to Marie Antoinette, don’t you?

Insert smile here!!

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