Sunday, July 23, 2017

“It's amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.” 
John Guare

My yesterdays 
and even many of my todays 
have felt problematic lately.

Old issues I would have sworn I had thoroughly addressed 
have slipped out of their decades old hiding places 
and are demanding to be noticed 
and re-worked again.

Issues of worth, rejection, body integrity, 
responsibility (to what, to whom and for what TBD) 
manifesting themselves as autoimmune dis-eases 
of my body and soul, 
not to mention all the political nonsense in which one could wallow and obsess.

I can’t honestly say the past or the future is keeping me up at night; 
nothing can keep me awake past 9-ish these days; 
it’s just thoughts are crammed into crazy clown cars 
which are whizzing around a track in my head 
rather continuously in the background 
while I work, walk and generally try to pass as ‘a normal person.’

It’s time to get someone to help me pump the brakes, derail the cars 
and empty them out.

Concentrating on the 'tomorrows' for the past few weekends has helped – 
and provide clues of where I need to be focusing my attention.

 Was I EVER so young 
and certain that life and love were going to work out?

This one is growing and changing so fast
I can barely keep up!
 There's a reason something is always in his mouth -
4 new teeth on top
joining the two on the bottom!
 I'd forgotten how strong the drive for gross motor skills is once it kicks in.
He rarely sits still now.
He can crawl,
 pull himself up to have long conversations
with the dogs
and then try things out from their perspective!
 Oh to see the world through his young eyes
with everything new and exciting!

 This little guy can brighten any day -
and in these troubled times,
that's HUGE!

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