Saturday, July 29, 2017

He must begin

To overcome
the inertia of the world
he had to ignore reason
and seize the day.

He must pick up
the hammer and chisel
the saw and the drill
he must begin.

he must forget
the ache in his side
his doubts
his fears
the future
the future is always
self defeating
if he sat in the house
and thought about it
he could come up
with a dozen reasons
for doing nothing
for waiting for a better day
waiting for his mood
to change
waiting for his doubts
to disappear
No, the only way
he could go on
was by grasping
the tools at hand
ignoring reason
and begin the Ark...

he could not wait
for a sunny day
the clouds were gathering
and it was beginning to rain.

Donald Waldemer

 This poem spoke to me on so many levels -
and to be sure, 
it's not just about Noah!

The future can seem so foreboding, 
the task too large 
and our tools too inadequate;
but we've begun
and we must persist.

The stakes are too high...
it's been raining for months.


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