Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Where to even start?

Elect a clown, expect a circus.

We have a disease in the WH - 
Ejectile dysfunction disorder – 
and it’s in full flower.
Spicer, Preibus and Scaramucci are all the latest victims.

Sadly that still leaves Kelly Anne, Jared, Ivanka, Bannon and #45 all on the inside.

All the talking heads last night were telling us there’s finally an adult in the building  - 
John Kelly as the new Chief of Staff.

I don’t know about you 
but I think it’s SO disheartening that we have a president with SO little self-discipline 
it has to be imposed from the outside 
by a former military leader 
in some sort of self-imposed military coup.

I  know #45 was exiled from his parents’ home as a boy and sent to military school. 
I know he must have thought dressing up like a soldier gave him some authority 
or the illusion of power; 
maybe it even won him an element of respect from his father, 
but honestly, you’re 70 years old!
Act like a grownup without having a Daddy standing next to you, 
knocking the phone out of your hand every time it Twitter twitches.

The Oedipal drama going on in this guy’s skull is pathological beyond description.

Can he really be that far removed from reality 
that he doesn’t see the admission that HE crafted his sons lame explanation 
for meeting with the Russian lawyer
amounts to orchestrating a cover up?

What am I saying? 
Of course, he’s that delusional.
The man is certifiably nuts. 
I can’t believe it’s taken 6 months for much of the country 
to catch up to that reality.

At least some of the news behind the headlines gave me hope this week.

"There are people inside the administration that think it is their job 
to save America from this president. Ok?"
Actually Anthony (Scaramucci), 
that’s more than OK; 
it’s fabulous!

It’s given me hope that the Resistance is alive and well inside enemy lines.
It’s given me hope that there are patriots in the Republican party 
who haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid 
and who still remember a shared vision 
for a better UNITED states of America.

There will come a time – 
and it’s coming soon – 
when  people will be held to account for their support of a demagogue; 
when they will have to explain their silence in the face of his insanity.  
Silence gives consent.

It’s time for Republicans to stop using their crazy Uncle in the Attic 
as diversion and poster boy for their cruel and repressive agenda 
and stand up for the American people.

I may have more hope - 
but I'm still not holding my breath.

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