Thursday, June 19, 2014

A time to reap,

a time to sow -
and the sense to know 
when it's time to let go...

I used to have a gorgeous cottage garden -
multiple rose bushes,
perennials, annuals, 
a stone wall across the backyard
a shade garden,
 a lily bed -
the whole 9 yards.
My great niece and nephews loved to put together bouquets for their Moms
every time they came over to visit.
 I blamed my friends...
several of them were (and still are) Master Gardeners 
and their yards were as inspiring
as they were shame inducing.

It was the mid 90's -
Art Boy had just left for college -
and, along with all the grief of 'empty nest',
I must have felt the need to prove 
I was still capable of nurturing things;
that I could not only help things grow 
but, with my care,
they'd flourish!

It wasn't long before gardening became a competitive sport 
that I participated in willingly
every weekend  - 
and several hours every night
after work.

Then life intervened; 
work responsibilities increased,
hours at home diminished,
GI Joe became more independent -
and didn't need constant 'on premise' supervision -
and, with the few hours I did have on weekends,
 I was able to go antiquing with friends
or exploring the countryside,
usually with camera in hand.

During this period of neglect,
the garden kept its 'bones'
but the carefully manicured,
casually unkempt look was completely lost...
it was truly unkempt.

I no longer wanted to be tied to its upkeep.

And I still don't;
but, with retirement, 
I'm at least making an effort to reclaim some order;
to get back to some basics  -
while I decide what to keep 
and what to get rid of.

Truth be told,
I'm tempted to use Roundup -
or Agent Orange -
on all the beds,
mulch them over
and turn them over completely to the dogs!
Since I've been home,
I've been out playing in the dirt
several hours a day -
and have barely made a dent
in the jungle that's established itself
in the past few years.

If poison ivy was a cash crop,
I wouldn't have to worry about extra retirement money!

How things change!

ps: The 'little ones' change too;
if THIS picture doesn't sum up 
how some of us feel about their high school graduations, 
I'm not sure what does!

Can't believe the little bouquet boy is headed to college in the fall
or that the flower girl has blossomed into this beauty!

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