Sunday, June 22, 2014

Things I loved this weekend...

actions that lock me into re-doing the kitchen,
 my yellow Fire King fruit bowl - empty
 and filled,
the perennial garden in my front yard,

 ideas for shutters,

lunch with friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant,
complete with frozen margaritas!
 the almond milk Frosties that start my day,
 and my fun new summer plates!
They're not paper - they're Melmac!

Don't know about you but I had a set of Melamine dishes in my 'hope chest' - 
these are nothing like them!
It's been a great weekend - 
and its not over yet -

headed to a garden party...
with some of my favorite women!
Have I mentioned recently how much I love being retired?
Except for the whole no money thing...

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