Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our souls desire

I've thought about this scene in 'Hook' frequently 
since seeing the movie 13 years ago 
but never more often than this week, 
in light of the juxtaposition of 
Robin Williams suicide
and the death of Michael Brown.

In case you don't know the story -
in a nutshell -
Peter Pan has grown up.

He's far from home,
so far, in fact,  
that he doesn't even recognize he's lost.

He has no idea of his true identity.

He's become a corporate lawyer -
the very definition of a 'tool of the system'.

He's lost touch
not only with himself and where he comes from
but with all that's important in his life,
especially his family.

His children,
his future,
 (Jack and Moira)
are kidnapped by Hook
and, to reclaim them,
Peter has to return to his roots
and remember who he is.

In doing that, he also has to return to his 'community',
the Lost Boys,
who understandably have a hard time 
reconciling his current visage
the young, ageless,
seemingly magical boy
they remember.

In what I think is some of the most spiritual footage on film,
- the first 1:10 minutes -
Peter is finally recognized for who he is.

It reduces me to tears every time I see it.

I believe this is what we all want;
to be named and known 
beyond the trappings of our 'exterior' - 
our clothes, 
our false way of seeing things,
our wrinkles;
the ravages of the time and the place
in which we've lived our disconnected lives.

We can give that gift to each other.
It doesn't happen often enough,
but we can.

We can also let ourselves believe,
 in the very marrow of our bones,
that the light of the Divine lives in us as well;
and that's just as hard,
if not harder sometime,
than recognizing it in someone else.

We can mirror the love that God has for his creation
 and recognize the divine
in ALL those who cross our path
every day.

The fact that it doesn't happen often enough -
and is often really hard -
doesn't mean we should stop trying.

If you continue watching the rest of the clip,
you'll also notice art reflecting life -
in the detractors and naysayers in any community
(because they fear it will cost them their power)
as well as in how easy it is for others to be persuaded
you're NOT
who you are!

It's only as we admit our vulnerability
and our need for others in community -
only as we say "Help me" -
that we have a chance of becoming
who we were created to be.

I think it's right to cry with longing
to live in a world and community
where we truly 'see' each other
this lovingly
and this completely.

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