Thursday, March 5, 2015


It’s not that I’m without opinions. 
When did you ever know that to be the case?

I read news on line;
I watch documentaries on demand;
I see my news feed on social media flooded in equal measure 
with all manner of indignities and outrage – 
alongside babies, 
puppies and 
the dreaded cat videos.

I look around and see what a mess this world is 
and I feel that I should weigh in

Death penalty = bad.
I would refuse to serve on a jury where that is an option 
and I’m glad a Georgia death row prisoner
found God and redemption 
through Theological studies while waiting to die… 
but I can’t help wondering who her husband 
(the one she orchestrated having whacked) 
might have evolved into if he’d been given the same gifts 
of a free education,
 time for prayer and reflection 
and continued life.

The Oscars – meh… 
Delighted Eddie Redmayne won for his portrayal of Steven Hawking. 
Despite all the talk about Michael Keaton winning for Birdman, 
in my mind,
 there was NO comparison. 
A man trapped in his own body 
who continued to believe in love
and transcendent hope of the human spirit 
a man trapped in his own role and ego 
who descends into madness and despair… 
like I said – 
no contest.

Kim Kardashian as a platinum blonde? 
No… just no. 
Any Kardashian - for any reason -
no, just no.

Can’t even begin to describe how disturbing I find ALL the politicos - 
in both parties - 
being mentioned as Presidential candidates –
especially when I think we deserve at least another years reprieve 
before that crazy train pulls into the station. 
My heart is on Elizabeth Warren
My Camino Zen continues to inform me 
that all the strum and dirge amounts to nothing.

Ranting and raving accomplishes 
only the raising of my blood pressure.

So I go to work, 
get a teeny bit more comfortable with all the new things expected of me 
with each passing day; 
see family and friends, 
play with my camera,

and create with paint.

Not exactly the stuff of great blogs… 
which is why I’ve gone quiet.

I’m not sure when ambition, passion or fervor 
will sift their way back into my being, 
but I’m content, especially during Lent,
to live a more introspective life.

Peace, my friends

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